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What love is .. .

Posted on: October 25, 2005

I was reading Elizabeth George’s “Missing Joseph” .. After a voilent scene, the woman is wondering what love is ..

I don’t know what it means to love anyone, she realized. I thought it was goodness, a wanting to share. I thought it meant like you hold out your hand and someone takes it, holds it hard, and pulls you safe from the river. You talk. You tell him bits of yourself. You say here’s where I hurt and you give it to him and he holds it and gives you where he hurts in return and you hold it and that’s how you learn to love. You lean where he’s strong. He leans where you’re strong. And there’s a joining somewhere ..  ..

I closed the book when I read it .. I somehow didnt agree to it .. Maybe because someone once told me that finding out what love is like finding out answers when you dont know the question  …

Hmmm.. I think I need a break …


2 Responses to "What love is .. ."

Buddy i think u truly feels the deepness of love

I m so bad in writing stuffs and expressions

i m wondered how unlucky that girl is whom u loves this most

U r truly LOVER

[…] of the time the feelings of dependence as love, or is it true? I read the following as quoted in a blog from the book Elizabeth George’s “Missing Joseph” where the woman wonders what love is… […]

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