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Yakeen …

Posted on: May 20, 2006

There are some songs which you like without you knowing why … Yakeen is one of them .. I love this song .. Its sung by Atif Aslam ..

Aaj dil dukha hai .. Tum yaad aaye …
Anjaane log hain .. Apne kahaan dhoond paayein …

Jaage hain .. soye nahin .. Aisi hai mere yeh bechaini ..
Din bhi wahi .. raatein wahin. … saanson main saansen hain nahi …

Shaamein ab dhalti nahin .. Anchal jo tera simat jaaye ..
Aa ab yahaan hamesha rahein .. Doori rahe na hon faasle …

Jaage hain soye nahi .. Aisi hai meri yeh bechaini ..
Din bhi wahi .. raatein wahein .. saanson main saanse hain nahi .. ..

Ab agar tum miley to .. Itna yakeen hain …
Hans denge hum to … Rona nahien hai .. !

You can download it from Atif Aslam’s website.


4 Responses to "Yakeen …"

I like that song as well, and his other song wo ratien
koi na janey also which is very famous now.


If you have the complete lyrics of mouthful of sky song send me via mail…Please

Abe meri caller tune hua karti ye kabhi, Ab to “Kuch Is Tarah” hain

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