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Slurp slurp .. Not just parts .. Everything is pretty awesome..

Panchhi, nadiya, pawan ke jhonke ..
Koi sarhad na inhe roke ..
Sarhadein insaanon ke liye hain …
Socho tumne aur maine kya paaya insaan hoke ..?

      Asha Patel and Khalid Mumtaz must be wondering this. Asha Patel along with her friend Ayesha Sharma was caught by BSF while trying to cross Line of Control. The story turned out that Asha was trying to cross the border to meet her love Khalid Mumtaz as both were denied Visa by authorities.
      Asha says she married Khalid over the phone. Asha met Khalid on the Internet five years ago and they fell in love. They met on the Wagah border for ten minutes earlier this year. Both tried to get Visa but couldnt avail. So Asha decided to cross the border without visa and passport, but unfortunately she was spotted by Army. “We may not be able to meet at the India-Pakistan border but we can still meet at other places. They cannot stop us from meeting,” Asha said

       Boy … Thats inspirational .. 😀 … Someone on the other side .. Are you listening …?

After the holy month of Ramazan comes the joyous day of Eid .. It was a nice flip flop of happenings today .. The moon didnt appeared when it was supposed to and everyone was guessing if it will be another Roza tommorow .. But then news started coming from various places that it was indeed seen … So Eid is declared to be tommorow ..

So Eid Mubarak to everyone ..!!

I just noticed I got another WordPress invite … Nice to see that .. Now lemme think whose gonna be the lucky one this time ..

Edit: I just noticed that Referrers link in Manage page is missing .. Anyone tell me why ..?

Muahahah .. I was lucky enough to get approved to test the new Hotmail Beta known as Kahuna .. It looks very promising to me .. the beta have a nice simple interface which I loved ..

I reviewed it here

Now waiting for Yahoo Mail beta .. 😛

Hahhaa .. What say ..?

Sheesh .. How on Earth they made that website.. Its more like Cartoon Network website .. All Flash driven .. Come on man .. you are a news channel ..  I tried to send feedback .. and this is what I got .. :

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