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Hmm .. It began like this … I got a call on my phone .. This a gal from BSNL asking “Sir you applied for DataOne some time ago .. Do you still want it ..” .. I said “Hell yess !! .. Tell me whom to kill .. Just tell me … ” … I had submitted the application in January .. and was waiting for them to provide a connection at my home .. Anyways .. She told me to submit yet another form .. I said okay .. So I submitted another form on Monday … And guess what after four days two lineman came with ADSL modem .. They didnt know how to install it though .. I told them its Okay … I can do it alright … So ..I configured it myself only to find that my account wasnt activated yet …

So I called their helpline and asked them whats the problem… They thought that I must’ve misconfigured the device, and told me they’ll come to my home and see what the problem is .. And after some 20 minutes, they were at my home .. And I used to blast BSNL’s crappy customer service … Anyways .. Those JTOs also didnt know anything about NAT , Routers and networking .. They just had manual and they set matching my router’s settings with the one in their manual .. Which were allright … So they admitted the problem must be at the exchange … Anyways they said they’ll see what to do at exchange the next day .. In the morning they called that some equipments werent working at the exhcange so it will take some time to get my account activated ..  I said okay .. I have waited for almost a year .. I can wait for a day too .. Khair .. in the evening when I reached home, it was activated, they’d called me on my cell too …

And so finally I got broadband .. Althought the plan is not uncapped, (1 GB) its unlimited from 2 AM to 8 AM .. And I am nocturnal already .. 😛 .. So, I am gonna download a lot of stuff now .. 😀 … But .. I’ll miss saying “Sancharnet Sucks” now and then …  😛

Now to ladies’ driving … I swear if someone will ask that are you biased against the females, I’ll tell them “Hell NO .. But that doesnt include their driving skills” … I mean who give these gals driving license …?? There should be a new type of driving license for ladies .. And there must be a sign for vehicles being driven by ladies … So that people can know that its a female driver and hence they should be cautious when they are aound ..

This happened yesterday .. I went to bank to make a draft .. I parked my bike near Library and was walking to bank when someone crashed into me … Annoyed, I turned back to find a gal driving a Sunny (Yeah .. they still exists) … Immediately she started “Sorry sorry .. The brakes arent working properly .. Blah blah .. ” Anyways I said its okay but drive carefully .. Then I crossed the road and went to the bank and after some 20 or thirty minutes, when the draft was ready, I came out of bank … Now when I was walking to Library someone again knocked me .. This time I was angry .. Turned and guess what I find .. This was the same gal on the same sunny .. Grr …I asked her who gave her my supari …? She was like ” I am very sorry and all” .. Yeah I said ..” You should be sorry that you couldnt kill me in two attempts .. But you are on the wrong vehicle .. You should bring atleast a car to kill me .. I wont die under a Sunny … ” and more things like that .. The gal almost started crying so waved her away ..

But from then I am still looking back to see if she is after me with her Sunny or not .. Phew .. Even Rajiv Gandhi didnt survive third attempt ..

Finally after a week of my being disconnected from the online world, I am back … I wanted to start this post with “BSNL Sucks” but later decided against it .. Those stupid morons took one week to repair a damaged cable .. sheesh ..

Anyways .. I used to access the net from my CCNA lab and check some of my regular blogs .. But boy I missed checking emails and Yahoo chat conferences .. And when I logged in yesterday there were 56 unread mails for me .. Phew . .. It will take one whole day to reply to all of them …

But secretly … I liked it .. 😛 .. When net wasnt there, I gave most of my time to studies .. I slept early too .. Now I’ll try to bring this discipline in my life with Internet being there .. 🙂

But surely .. This is bliss … I am addicted .. 😛